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Best strategies to keep pest free home in the winter

During winter period, most people will prefer staying indoors, unfortunately, so do the pests! All pests and rodents want to survive the harsh weather conditions and your home would offer a cozy and welcoming refuge. However you can prevent these unfriendly visitors from raiding your comfort by considering the following strategies.

  1. Contact professional pest extermination company- It’s common for people to invite professionals after an attach right? But what about doing so for prevention because prevention would cost less than cure. Reasons why you should invite professionals first is:
  2. They will conduct an evaluation of your premises then advice accordingly
  3. Clear and seal all the loopholes to prevent pest entry
  4. If you experienced an attack before, they will clear the pests and prevent them from reproducing.
  5. Clean your home regularly- Keep those corners clean and all areas of the house clutter free including the garage. This will destroy any prospect pests and inhabitants.
  6.  Store your food in airtight containers including your pet’s food. Remember to keep counters and tables free from food crumbs which might be inviting to mice.  You should also keep your bin clean and well-sealed. Put an effort to empty and wash it at least once per day.
  7. Termites and cockroaches are attracted to wetness and moisture so you should have your downpipe well maintained and leaky plumbing fixed.  Attend to your attic vents, ducts and ceiling as well.
  8. Keep your shoes in closed containers- Spiders are fond of shoes and as much as open shoe racks are the most convenient way of keeping your shoes well organized this could pose a challenge because the spiders would easily build their web on them.
  9. Trim bushes and trees within your premises especially if they are close to your house. Clear all the bushes that are nearby they might be a great hideout and host to wild rats.   

Apart from making you uncomfortable some of these pests like rodents bring diseases with them. You should be extremely careful y by making sure you keep them off your home. In case of an invasion of any pests that are beyond your control, contact your preferred pest extermination company as soon as possible to prevent reproduction.