Lady Cleaning House and Ensuring No Pests are Around

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of  pests do you deal with?

We manage  to control with almost all kinds of pests found within your home, like  mice, pigeon, bedbugs, ants, wasps, spiders  etc.

How to contact you?

Are you giving any free service?

Our demo and counseling program is free of cost meant for peoples’ awareness. For other services we charge according to our rate chart. Different charges are there for home and commercial properties.

Can I know about the charges?

Just check the Pest Control Charges page for full details about the charges. Or you can call and ask our helpline for detail.

How do I pay?

We are very flexible in terms of payment. We accept both debit as well as credit card such as Visa, Delta or Mastercard for payment. We also allow you to pay with check and cash.

How much time will you take to come?

We are very customer oriented. We always try to deal with all your requests as soon as possible. But it won’t be more than 5 days, according to the perceived risk, from the day of the call.

Our aimed response time sheet is as follows:

  • Mice infestation
    • 5 working days
  • Ants
    • 8  working days
  • Fleas
    • 4 working days
  • Wasps inside house
    • 4 working days
  • Wasps outside
    • 8 working days

Is my presence is necessary?

If the trouble is inside the house you or your representative should be there for security purposes, otherwise for an outside problem like a problem in the garden you do not need to be there.

Should I take appointments?

Yes, It is necessary to take a prior appointment. We make the schedule for Monday to Friday and arrange all the appointments between the time 9am and 5pm.

How much time does the treatment take?

We can say that after seeing the condition of the infestation.It depends on the seriousness of the growth and type of treatment.However, insect treatments  are very quick and need only a few minutes to deal.

Are your poisons safe?

All the poisons used by us are eco-friendly and  approved by the Health & Safety Executive.

Is it necessary to empty my kitchen for cockroach infestation?

No, you are not required to empty kitchen cupboards as we apply a gel  to the cockroach affected area. We are not going to use any liquid sprays.

Is my cat / dog safe?

Yes, they are safe. No need to worry about that. The amount of poison is very less and it won’t harm them.

Will the spray you use stain my carpet?

No, it won’t. You won’t find any stain on your carpet as it is a water based residual spray, not having any kind of strong solvent which may cause harm to the color and finishes oft carpet.