Edmonton pigeon control service

Pigeon Control Service in Edmonton, Alberta

At EdmontonExterminator.CA we offer the best eco friendly pigeon removal service. Instead of using poison, we use traps that only capture the bird instead of killing the. We then take due precaution and release the birds in the outskirts of the city of Edmonton, far enough that they do not home in back to your pace of residence or business. We also use spikes to help prevent future infestation by the birds. Many people consider Pigeon harmful but they underestimate the damage the pigeon droppings can do to a property.

What to do if you find pigeon on your property

Pigeons are one of the most common pest birds in urban areas, and they can be a real problem to businesses. These birds are allured to food sources, such as garbage, which is the reason they are usually found near restaurants and bars or landfill sites. The birds like to nest in apparently inhospitable places of tall constructions. They will utilize ledges, balconies, flat roofs, loft spaces and guttering in particular, as they can lift loose or damaged roof casings to force an entrance. Your property can be giving a perfect habitat for pigeons. In case they have already nested on your construction, there is a chance they will allure other pigeons too, making a small issue a much bigger one.

Pigeon control for your business

Birds control experts at professional pest control, and removal company offer expert pigeon control solution to protect your business from these pest birds. Though the natural source of a pigeon is seeds or grain, they survive in cities and towns by rummaging processed food matter, like the leftover of takeaways or food waste dustbins. The following signs may indicate pigeon infestation on your property,

Hazard signs:

  • Nesting materials- grass, twigs and sticks are often used to make a nest
  • A flock of pigeons- when you frequently notice a group of pigeons throughout your property
  • Pigeon droppings- huge amounts of droppings found close to your building could mean pigeons are sheltering on your property.

The pigeons pose the following risks to your property:

  • Health and safety hazards- droppings can sometimes make walkway so slippery
  • Loss of customers- huge quantities of droppings and the existence of these pest birds on your property can put clients off from getting into your store.
  • Loss of productivity- pigeons carry diseases which can affect your co-workers causing illness and time off work.
  • Drainage problem- feathers and nest debris may also block rainwater drainage setups and gutters, possibly causing harm to your business due to water penetration.

Bird deterrence services

It is always good to have preventive action to handle residential or commercial bird issues, though this is not still possible. There are many benefits of eliminating birds from your property such as enhancing the appearance of your property. Birds which crowd regularly leave horrible feathers, droppings, and can be a hazard to your guests, employees, or family. Regardless of the type and number of birds which are currently on your property leading to problems, a professional pest control and removal company can help. They render bird removal services which strive to:

  • Remove nesting sites
  • Prevent disease carried droppings
  • Remove sheltering sites

Using only the safest product

Professional pest control and removal companies have realized that their clients are concerned about the safety of the products they use in their bird removal methods. The companies use only eco—friendly products that are safe for both humans and birds. They want you to rest assured that both their methods and products are effective. They are proud to offer you affordable solutions for your commercial and residential bird issues.