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We the Edmonton exterminator are the greatest enemy of the pest. We believe in finding the best solution for your safety by providing you the best way of getting rid of the problem of stubborn bed bugs, mice, ants, pigeon, cockroaches and some other insect like moths and spider. We guarantee you and your family a safe and hygienic life free  from the menace of pests.

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Apart from this we do care for your residential as well as commercial property. You will be benefited by our residential and commercial pest control treatment. Considering the pollution hazard we are very environmentally friendly company. We are hard on pest, but at the same time very careful about your and your kids health. So our team of trained professionals uses the medicine and inputs which are of no harm for the residential and commercial properties.

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Integrated Pest Management:

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a pest control service approach which terminates the pest in a safer and environmentally friendly way. It is however also known as Integrated Pest Control (IPC). It discourages the development of pest, rodents, bugs and take necessary measures to control them with minimum risk of danger to the society and man kind. It emphasizes on the healthy environment but not at the cost of any health hazards. It maximizes the use of natural Pest extermination techniques. The integrated Pest management adheres the safer technique of pest control while managing healthy environment around.

Bed Bugs Removal

Some of you may have a very bad experience with bed bugs. They can be found in homes, hotels or anywhere. It might be that you have not seen them, but if on a fine morning you are getting up with an itchy red ridge in your body, then be sure that you are already facing that problem. And just think for a while how to get rid of this irritating trouble. No worries at all, we are there to help you out. We will save your life from this mess by giving you a super bed bug treatment service.

Bed Bugs Treatment Solutions

Bedbugs easily get into your beddings and mattresses. But these are very hard to treat. Sometimes they leave a black spot on the bed cloth and furniture. This is the indication of the existence of the blood sucker in your home. You can also identify the problem of bed bugs by simply finding out one of the insect. They are of translucent, sometimes clear white and dark red in color. The blood sucker is oval in shape and not more than 4-5 mm longer.  We have provided numerous Bedbug eradication services in Edmonton.

Bed bugs can come to your place very easily through luggage, clothing and beddings. They grow very fast once they are settled in. A pair of bed bug can lay up to ten eggs daily. These bedbugs and their eggs are resistant to certain pesticides so home treatment to get rid of bed bugs is quite impossible. That’s why you need a professional help and we are there at your service to help you out just in a call. We specialize in Bedbug extermination services.

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Mice Control Edmonton :

Mice cause a lot of trouble at home. But do you have mice in your place? Sometime we do not know whether we have such type of problem and if do need some rodent control treatment. Don’t worry, It’s not so difficult to identify if you have a rodent infestation problem.

Just check if there are chewed bags and container in your pantry and whether there are spilled half eaten food. You can also investigate through their droppings which are ¼ inch long and black in color. They eat almost 20 times a day. So you can easily find out their droppings if they are there. In that case, you will require professional mice exterminators to terminate your rodent problems.

Generally they enter into a home while the weather is sold. They come in search of a warm place. Usually they come in a group of a couple and 6-8 babies. They can reproduce ten litters in a year. The babies can able to reproduce only in a period of five to eight weeks. If the trouble left untreated for a couple of months it will turn into a big mouse infestation problem.

Mice spread a lot of dangerous diseases like Salmonellosis, Hantavirus, Murine Typhus Leptospirosis, and the Bubonic Plague. It creates unsanitary conditions to live with. You can take help of traps or some other items, but they will not really work. So for a safe and hygienic life of you and your family it is very important to eliminate the problem from the root. Not to worry. It is a very usual problem and we are there to save you from the risk. Just give us a call to provide you the best mice extermination services that Alberta has to offer. For more information visit Edmonton Mice Removal page.

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