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Bed Bugs Removal Edmonton

Bed Bugs Removal Edmonton : Bed bugs are small irritating insects. The most dangerous thing associated with them is that  they feed on human blood. They are found in oval shapes in rusty-red-colored. Usually they are up to half an inch. These oval shaped small wingless insect feed on the warm blooded animals. Of course human are the best host for them. As their size is very small they can easily hide in the areas like cracks in furniture, under the carpet, in floors or walls and even in other furniture and sofa. The most preferred place for them to stay is the bed mattresses. They are found not only in houses, but at schools and hotels as well.

bed bugs removal edmonton

They are active at night and start sucking peoples’ blood in a painless manner while they are sleeping. They are of an apple seed size and cannot be seen properly with naked eyes. A bed bug bite swells after some time and become brighter red. Initially you won’t feel any pain, but later you will be left with a scratchy and itchy sensation. This sensation may last for two, three days. No doubt the bugs are a nuisance, but the good thing is that they are not known to spread any serious disease. However a few people may develop skin irritation and allergic reactions such as some big, itchy wheals near about 8 inches across. Some people experience blister-like skin inflammations and the other feel a number of  of tiny, swollen sacs of pus skin rashes just similar to hives.

The worst part is that while feeding on their hosts, like human, goat, cat, dog or other pets they inject some sort of saliva into the host’s body, which cause a skin eruption or a type of  skin allergy. The bugs bite sometimes looks like a mosquito or flea bites. Thus, most of the people wrongly take it as a mosquito bite and unknowingly ignores the existence of the bug. The small irritating insects grow well in a temperate climate like tropical regions.

It comes to your home unknowingly with the infested luggage, bedding, furniture or clothing. The bug is able to travel between apartments in between the  small crevices as well as cracks in walls and floors.

People suffering most from the infestation of the bug should concentrate on the things like cleaning the curtain, beddings, carpets and rugs as well as clothes. Woolen items such as shoes and  plush toys can be placed for 30 minute in a hot dryer. To get rid of the bugs dispose the things that cannot be cleaned. Delicate clothes should be soaked with warm water for a long time to eliminate bed bugs. Apart from washing clothes, examine the luggage immediately after coming from a trip. Identify if your old furniture for bed bugs before entering them into your home. Don’t dare to bring the discarded things like bed frames, box springs, mattresses or upholstered furniture right into your home. Thus, these are some household tips that can control your bed bug infestation manually.

To get rid of the peril of the Bed Bug infestation, you can try all the manual methods while their population is very low. Once they grow, you can just control them, but cannot eliminate the trouble from the root. So it is better to hire a professional to eradicate the problem. Well trained professional exterminators use the vacuum technique to remove bed bugs. Through the process, they remove not only the beg bugs, but also their eggs, not allowing them to grow again. The process is useful, but sometimes if the infestation is very high you need the help of a pest control company for toxic implementation treatment. The efficient and trained professional knows about the most suitable ways to deal with the issue.


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