I was having severe pigeon problems in my townhome and called Edmonton Exterminator randomly. They were fast, affordable, knew what to do and removed all the pigeons from my home. Job well done!

– Vanessa George

After coming back from vacation I realized I was itchy in my bed and couches. I found Edmonton Exterminators on Kijiji and called them immediately. They were efficient and professional. They terminated all the bed bugs that they found came through my luggage. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

– Randy F.

My office space seemed to be infested with rodents. After seeing rats and mice a few times I decided it was time to call pest control company. I found Edmonton Exterminators online and was satisfied with the rodent removal job they did in my office. Not only the mice are gone, the job did not cost me an arm and leg.

– Carter Philip