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How to Avoid Pigeon Problems

We face lots of trouble due to the droppings of Pigeon. It ruins many monuments, roofs and even public spaces. The white material in the droppings called uric acid is not only looks ugly to the eyes, but it spoils the clean finish of buildings and vehicles. It affects badly due to the fungal and bacteria it contains. In some cases, professional pigeon control services are required.

Pigeons usually chose a nesting, roosting and sheltering sites to live. They generally find window shield, rooftops and bridges to build their home. While the flocks grow very large in numbers they start creating nuisance. The technique of killing the birds comes to everybody’s mind but that is not a permanent solution to the problem. Here we are going to discuss some of the ways to fix the problem for the long term.

Firstly you can use an anti-roosting spike strips to get rid of the problem. The all you have to do is to attach it to the place where the bird might prech on. You can easily get it over a hardware store.

Another thing that you can use a sticky chemical. Once you spray it, they feel very uncomfortable to stay there. Tied strings sometimes work on avoiding the birds to perch.

Pigeons can not eat spicy things. So in order to control them to grow in your place you can take advantage of this technique. If you sprinkle a little spice like pepper and cinnamon at the places they perch, then they can not live in that place. But you have to do it for a long time and mostly after each wet weather.

Often you can discourage them by closing the entrances to get into. You can restrict the birds to come by covering the doors and windows with heavy curtains. For the ceiling you can use net which will not allow the birds to come.

Yes, you can minimize the birds by controlling their population. It is true that a pigeon breed very quickly. They can lay egg six times a year and two per clutch. The animal welfare group suggests birth control is the best way to minimize their population without being harse on them.

Never in any circumstances do allow to feed the pigeons. If you make your home a place where they can get fed, then they will come more and more. So it is necessary to eliminate the food source to them. Pigeon extermination can become essential in that case.

You can also apply forced water to them, they cannot take forced water targeted on them. So very soon they start staying away from your place.

A harmless technique to get rid of the pigeon problem is to use a predator bird to frighten them. No, you don’t need to buy an actual bird. A plastic or concrete statue of hawks and owls will work.

As we all know pigeons are very intelligent among all other birds. They have a great drive to return home. So pigeon released in any distance can come home again until and unless they established a new home for them. Pigeons breed rapidly, so shooting or trapping will not help the purpose. So you should take the problem seriously.

If you find no household tips work to get the problem be solved, then it is the high time to take the help of a professional. The trained professional of pest control company has different techniques to deal the problem permanently. To control the infestation you need to work a lot with moving the furniture and equipment. There is also non-chemical treatment like vacuuming, heat treatments and steam treatments to deal the problem safely. However, it is quite important for you to cooperate with the pest control service in order to achieve pigeon control and resolve all bird problems.