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Bed Bugs Prevention and Treatment

Bed bugs, are the type of pests found mostly found in rural areas. The reason for increase in the population of bedbugs are factors like increased travel of people and the lack of public awareness. Not only at home or hotels, bed bugs are also found in the places like offices, schools, retail facilities, libraries and other public areas.

Bed bugs are the dangerous parasite that feed on the human blood, to grow an reproduce. They also feed on animals like cow, goat, dogs and cat. They always stay in hiding place. They only come out of there when feel hungry. They are always searching the exposed skin to feed. They suck the blood around 2-5 minutes in order to get their stomach full. They can move very quickly and mostly attack a sleeping person.

The bite of a bed bug remains unnoticed by most of the people and mistaken the same as the bite of the other insects. The bed bug bite may create  rashes on the human skin. Fortunately Bed bugs are not responsible in transmitting disease to people.

You can detect  a bed  bug, through a close watch if they exist at your place. They are oval in shape and 5 to 9 mm long. They are found in brown to purplish-red color. After  a blood meal its color changes to more red and size also increases. You cannot see a bedbug in the day time, but at night they are active. Only the matured bed bugs are able to reproduce. One female bed bug can lay up to 200-250 eggs in her lifetime. That means in a day they lay almost 5 eggs. The eggs are milky white in color and approximately 1 mm long. It takes 6-10 days for the eggs to hatch. An immature bed bug need more feed than a matured one. The baby pesticides need to feed immediately after they are hatched. They have to pass through five molting phases to attain maturity. In a residential environment, it took them five weeks to reach the state of maturity. A matured bed-bug can live almost one year without food while the immature ones  can survive only a few months.

In a very intelligent way bed bugs start sucking the human blood. They do it in a painless manner so most of the people think it as a mosquito bite. While feeding on their host the small insect injects a sort of saliva to the human body which is the reason of all the skin irruption and allergy. However, it is not poisonous, but still it creates itchiness. A warm climate suits for the growth of bed bugs. That is the reason why they are found in tropical regions.

If you notice you can come to know that bed bugs always move in clusters. But sometimes a few of them live by their own. So the best way to identify whether you have a bed bug infestation is to investigate the place. They normally stay in your sleeping place or in the place where you rest. So to detect them you must have a clear watch over the bed, mattress, furnitures, sofa and carpets. While you travel just check the luggages. There is  a chance of getting the bed bugs.

Therefore the only way of permanent removal of  bed bugs is to hand the matter over to the pest control professionals. They have some trained staffs with smart techniques to handle the problem effectively. They have all the very knowledge of detecting and dealing with the bed bug infestations. They take help of some kind of chemical treatments, which removes them completely.