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How to Prevent Mosquitos and Bugs from Entering Home During a Backyard Party

If you are planning to hold a backyard party and expecting visitors, then there is something you should know. Most homeowners, when hosting parties, forget that uninvited visitors such as mosquitos, and bugs do exist. Insects love parties, and they get more excited when they enter your homes. Since mosquitoes transmit malaria and ants or flies are a nuisance in the house, some drastic measures should be developed. In this event, you need to prevent mosquitos and bugs from entering your home or seek professional pest removal services.

Some of the effective methods used by Homeowners to prevent Mosquitos and bugs include:

  • Repellents & Insecticide
  • Traps & ultrasonic emitters
  • Landscaping and Outdoor tidying
  • Installations

Repellents & Insecticide

This is perhaps the least violent method of dealing with mosquitos and bugs. Repellents gives you the option of using non-toxic sprays, plants (lemon grass) or coils. They are your best solutions when the weather is calm and that there is not much wind in your yard. Most homeowners tend to use less bug spray or natural methods to avoid the strong smell from sprays. Natural repellants may include plants like, Rosemary, Marigolds, Citronella grass, and Catnip. Insecticides are the most used repellants that kill mosquitoes and bugs.

If you are keen enough, you will notice that bugs and mosquitoes have a habit of swarming around light bulbs. These insects are believed to have good vision in shorter wavelengths of light. Therefore, you can easily blind them when you use bulbs with longer wavelengths or apply an opaque yellow coating on the surface of your bulbs. Professional pest Control Company services have the best repellents and chemical products used to remove unwanted bugs rodents and insects.

Traps & Ultrasonic Emitters

Some insect control systems may include electric traps which use scent producing substances or light to attract bugs or mosquitoes. These traps are also equipped with an electrified grid which kills them instantly when they make contact. If you live in an area plagued with flies building a bug deathtrap would do you justice. The latest advance in insect control is the use of ultrasonic emitters. These gadgets have been designed to produce low wavelength sounds that are deafening to these insects.

Landscaping and Outdoor Tidying

The main reason for landscaping and outdoor maintenance is to eradicate their habitats and conditions suitable for breeding. This process may include trimming the grass and drying wet surfaces in your backyard. Mosquitoes and bugs love to hang around bushes, shrubs and tall grasses- feeding on plant nectar and sheltering from the sun.

 If you are surrounded by trees, you should remember to clean your house gutters. A clogged gutter is one of the most commonly unnoticed places that make good breeding sites for mosquitoes because they drain poorly. Swimming pools should remain covered when not in use. If your backyard is designed with garden water features or water baths, create disturbance in the water using a pump and prevent the female mosquitoes from laying their eggs on the surface.  You can also pour a little oil in standing pools of water, plant saucers, to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

You also need to rearrange your backyard if there is any sign of clutter. The importance of cleaning your backyard is to remove any material that can hold water when it rains.  As part of the rearrangement, consider moving your trash cans or bins far away from our backyard- probably in your garage or at your gate- as this is the reason why some bugs stick around. In this case, make sure that that the lids fit well on the bins or cans.


Get yourself some quality window screen and place them on the windows that face your backyard. Get yourself torches and lamp oils to deter mosquitoes and bugs surrounding your area of interest; there are essential oils which can be used in your lamps to do the same. As you are enjoying your backyard party with friends and relatives, always ensure that you keep your food covered. In case you detect an infestation, seek help from a pest Extermination Company before it’s too late.

Professional Pest Extermination Company can remove all unwanted pests, bugs and rodents in an effective manner and at reasonable prices. This ensures bug free homes and offices. What professional pest removal companies can effectively get done cannot be achieved personally.