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Sow Bug Infestation is a nightmare to deal with

Sow Bugs also called isopods, are tiny crustaceans normally mistaken for insects. The pest is usually more related to shrimp and lobsters and is the only arthropod that can live on the soil. They do not pose any physical threats to human or pets although they are considered irritating when found in large number inside a house. Their overall appearance is normally compared to that of armadillos since they are both dark grey and slate in colour and have a protected look. Sow Bug control is a difficult process since the pest like moisture and soil and cannot survive without moisture. However, proper cultural practices can help minimize sow bugs in your garden together with other harmful bugs that can destroy your crops.

Sow Bug control in your or garden can be a nightmare especially if you do not follow the expected action or you do not use the recommended control measures. The following are some of the recommended actions that can help you remove sow bugs completely from your home or garden:

Moisture control

The pests will always be an existing problem if nothing is done to remove leaks and dampness inside or around your home. You should always ensure leaky pipes and structures are fixed besides any other moisture issue around your home. Outside to the garden, avoid overwatering as it can create the best condition for the survival of the bugs.

Weeds removal and clearance of excess leaves and dead plants from the garden

On the outdoors, make sure you remove all the weeds, excess leaves and dead plants that are laying all over the lawn since these can give good habitats for the bugs. Remove high vegetation and debris together with mulches since they conserve moisture and this can attract the pests.

Combining of powder and liquid insecticides for full control of the bugs

All over your garden and the lawn, spray powder insecticides such as Talstar Granules or any similar brand when the bugs are active and repeat the same once in a month until all the bugs are completely removed from your garden. You can also apply insecticides such as Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide around your foundation and floor areas until the bugs are no longer there. Moreover, you can use the insecticides to make a barrier around your home to help you keep your home away from the bugs.

Implementing exclusion measures

Make sure you implement exclusion measures such as sealing all the gaps and cracks across your foundation using foam, caulk or a fine mesh. This ensures the bugs have no place of entry into your home.

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